The City of Oakland, which has had a ban on chemical pesticide use for several years, plans to reverse the ban and make exceptions in the Oakland parks.

  • Ordinance in place was no pesticides.
  • Pesticides were not mentioned.
  • Voters were led to believed that non toxic methods would be used !

  • When Broom was hand cut, carted away and native plants were planted..
  • There was no Recurrence.
  • The Broom was successfully Crowded Out !
  • Hand cutting alone is ineffective.
  • Herbiciding alone is ineffective.
  • Broom seeds last for 30 years.
  • Replanting crowds out the seeds.

  • The Wildfire Advisory Board was only formed in November 2004, and no other methods appear to have been done nor evaluated which is contrary to the current IPM Policy.
  • Several Methods could be done ...

  • Cut and replant to crowd out weeds and stop erosion.
  • Weed Wrench and replant.
  • Goats.
  • Hot Water/Foam
  • Biological Controls for Broom
  • Controlled Burning for non Eucalyptus (burning kills the seeds)
  • Eucalyptus major cut once, then minor trimming.
  • etc...

  • What do you think happens to a hillside if the broom is cut or pesticides applied
    (without replanting)?
  • You have to replant to stop erosion.
  • What happens to a hillside if the Eucalyptus is cut without replanting ?
  • Bare hillsides have erosion issues.
  • If you don't replant, then you get an erosion problem.
  • If you do replant, then herbicides serve no purpose.
  • Why waste tax payer money on herbicides
    (let alone the harm to the environment and people) ?
  • Erosion costs the city and tax payers money.
  • The city plan appears to be to leave dead debris in place.
  • Dried Debris Creates a Fire Hazard.
  • Dead debris is more flammable than live debris.
  • You have to cart away the dead debris.
  • Currently, the city ordinance is ineffective (due to lack of replanting),
  • It creates an erosion problem (due to lack of replanting),
  • And creates a fire hazard (due to leaving dead debris).
  • So, if you have to cart the dead debris away and you have to replant...
  • Not to mention that herbicides add toxic products to the environment.

  • For some plants, cutting stumps and painting us impractical. Backpack spraying appears to be planned for:

  • Pampas Grass
  • Himalayan Blackberry
  • Cotoneaster
  • Maytenus Boaria (Mayten)

  • How, is someone going to cut this and paint the stumps ?
  • Does it make sense to PAINT a hillside FULL of SCOTCH BROOM ?
  • That would be A LOT more time consuming than hand pulling!

  • It's not limited in the amount that can be applied,
  • or when it can be applied,
  • or how often it can be applied,
  • or where it can be applied.
  • It's not limited at all!


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