1. Cut the tree to a stump as low as possible and parallel to the slope.

2a. Grind the stump to eliminate sprouting, fill crater with soil (stump grinding) OR

2b. Cover the stump with opaque or black plastic to keep out light which inhibits resprouting (Tarping).

3. Maintenance - Remove small seedlings by hand if necessary. (NB: seedlings may grow even if herbicides are used).


75 Eucalyptus trees were eradicated in the East Bay Hills by covering the stumps with heavy-duty opaque black plastic !


Scotch, French Broom

1. Cut down before it goes to seed. Using a weed wrench makes pulling easier.

2. Observe for one year prior to replanting in case suppressed native plants seeds exist. Replant.

3. Maintenance - Remove broom seedlings for 5 years if necessary.

a) Resprouting from seedling may occur even if herbicides are used.

b) It is important that pickers are able to distinguish between broom seedlings and native vegetation.



1. Birds such as Robins, Thrushes, Waxwings, may use Cotoneaster for food. Phase out over 3 to 5 years - do not eradicate at once !

2. Remove with weedwhacker at seeding stage.

a. Cut before fruit ripens.

b. Cut shoots until plant starves.

3. Plant 5 Toyon plants for each Cotoneaster removed so the birds have something to eat.




1. Wear gloves and heavy clothing.

2. Dig and hand pull individual plants. Cut canes/stems to within a few inches of the ground. Dig out central cluster and other roots.

3. Mow thickets with brush cutters.

4. Maintenance - Check annually for seedlings which can be pulled.


Pampas Grass

1. Pull or dig during Winter or Spring.

2. Use shovel if plant is large or place choker cable around and pull with a winch.

3. Places plumes in bags to prevent further seed dispersal.



1. Cut Stump to four inches above grade, burn cut material, dig trench 12" deep 2 feet from edge,

2. Cover stump with plastic, back fill trench, cost is comparable to Herbiciding.



1. Hand pull plants. Under 5 feet tall after rain.

2. Pull roots.

3. Use Clawmattock.

4. Cut when plants flower.

5. Burns.


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