Before and after photos of Broom removal without the use of chemicals with no reoccurrence

Hand Removal :

Vegetation Removal funds are on the order of $900,000, enough for 69230 person-hours at a $10 per hour living wage with 30% fringe benefits, or 34 full-time equivalent jobs.

Alternatively, 30 jobs, with 4 volunteer coordinators. Volunteer coordinators would coordinate teams with an average 8 people each. So instead of 34 jobs, there would be 30 paid jobs and 32 volunteers equivalents making 59,000 paid hours and 63,000 volunteer hours per year !

The volunteers could be a teen environmental education activity, a community service, or a variety of other positive community programs.

Why the Current Ordinance Doesn't Make Sense

Dead vegetation will have to be removed since it is more flammable than live vegetation. Replanting will have to be done to stop the seeds from re-sprouting and the hillside from eroding.

Given that they have to get rid of the dead vegetation and replant, the why waste money on herbicides (not to mention adding toxic products to the environment) ?


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