What is Toxic Trespass ?


Toxic Trespass occurs when hazardous materials used on one property become airborne, and drift (or trespass) from one property to the next.

A family can believe their children are playing in a pesticide free garden only to later discover that their children were poisoned by an upwind neighbor's pesticides and the second hand pesticides caused serious health consequences.


Why is it a threat ?


Toxic Trespass is a serious health threat for many, an annoyance to many others, and increases chances of long term disease (cancer, asthma, etc.) for everybody.

With most risks, we have a choice as to our own level of comfort. With Toxic Trespass, like Second Hand Smoke, we suffer the consequences of somebody else's bad habits.


Mission Statement


To sponsor legislation which is fair to both sides which protect citizens from toxic trespass.




The Sierra Club and the Environmental Health Network are cosponsoring organizational meetings to promote greater awareness of chemical trespass and to begin building a coalition to press for greater protections for sensitive individuals. Please join them and other interested individuals.


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